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The famous amulet from Wat Tha Sung holy buddhist temple in Thailand. Temple’s followers believe that can help protect nuclear radiation and chemical weapon in the future warfare.

Phra Kam Khao protect Nuclear
Phra Kam Khao

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Phra Kam Khao

What is Phra Kam Khao

Phra Kam Khao is a magical thing or amulet made by famous Buddhist priest named Luangpor-Rue-Si-Ling-Dam. His lord official name in Thailand is Phra-Racha-Bhrommayana. He is the masters of meditation.

Meaning of word “Phra” in Thai language is Buddha, Priest, image or a statue of Buddha and amulet which contains appearance like Buddha also.

Luangpor-Rue-Si-Ling-Dam make sacred or bless Phra Kam Khao by meditation, contemplation power, Manomayiddhi perception. Luangpor-Rue-Si-Ling-Dam invite Buddha power, Dhamma power and power from Sangha or Arhat who has achieved nirvana include Buddhism angels called Deva, Brahma and Bhotisattava from paradise or spiritual dimension to blessed together. Many of those powers make Phra Kam Khao to be a sacred amulet containing sacred mind energy.

Unfortunately, Luangpor-Rue-Si-Ling-Dam pass away in year 1992.

Why Luangpor Rue-Si-Ling-Dam created Phra Kam Khao

Main objective is giving souvenir to his followers when thier make merit. On the other side, the perception from Manomayiddhi meditation method makes he knew in advance about the world situation in the future and make something for preparetion.

Furthermore Luangpor Rue-Si-Ling-Dam often said about nuclear war. Luangpor Rue-Si-Ling-Dam not predict the year of war beginning but he worry about followers hardship after he pass away. However he said Phra Kam Khao will have more value on the next 30 years after 1990 CE. Phra Kam Khao and Phra Hang Mark can marvellously protect one or more of these nuclear, neutron, dangerous gas, chemical weapon, bullet, etc.

Year of creation Phra Kam Khao : 1990 – 1992 Common Era

Material : Powder mixed with magical rice powder

Created quantity : 5.1 million pieces

In the past 30 years ago Luangpor-Rue-Si-Ling-Dam performed a blessed ceremony for Phra Kam Khao

Additional kindness properties

  • Giving wealth
  • Help protect your life from other dangerous things
  • Practice Buddhanussati Meditation
  • etc.

Hypothesis in part of Spiritual Science

Someone said Buddha or sacred particle energy may smaller than all particle of matter. Small particle can become a high density matter which can protect something.

Small thing can trap the bigger thing same as a fishnet function. The fisherman be compared as a mind of a fishnet which he know what is right to do. The sacred mind energy know who deserve the protection.

Sacred energy looks like our mind. There is no any medicine, equipment, X-ray or any matter can completely destroy or detect mind and thinking.
When we death, the mind only locate in semi-death status but it will reborn new life again by the old mind.

Can’t see sacred energy, but it’s real.

Sacred energy looks like a mind and have a special power. The power level depend on meditation skill, Contemplation level and personal virtue. The buddha has highest virtue and highest meditation skill of the universe.

The sacred energy or sacred particle is wave like gravitational-wave and so on. A light or beam-ray from star can deflected by gravity. So nuclear ray may deflected by sacred energy or sacred wave. Sacred particle have a behave like waves same as electrons, protons and neutrons also.

We can call sacred wave energy is the wave of protector or virtue wave. This wave can protect the bad thing in our life.

Someone who has high skill of contemplation can pray to make sacred energy and transfer to something. The destination thing will become an amulet. Furthermore who has high skill of Contemplation can pray for healthiness or cure sick person also.


Phra Kam Khao

Worship way :

  • Pray to Buddha and wear Phra Kam Khao necklace although you aren’t Buddhist.
  • Pray to peaceful and good wishes in life everyday.
  • Pray to protect your life from dangerous thing and invite Buddha’s energy stand overhead.
  • You can practice Buddhanussati Meditation by frequently think of Buddha or his image such as Phra Kam Khao. Can be protect you from hell after death. You would probably be an angle or Deva after death because your mind when you death is happy although you get ill. The happy minded caused by you commit something good to memory such as goodness or Buddha.
  • Phra Kam Khao is an Buddha image or a statue of Buddha also. Should be respectful.
  • Pray to get wealth everyday. Specially pray by chant magical sentence or mantra named Gatha Ngen Larn with Meditate to develop your mind and make Merit frequently by donate money or requisite-thing to any Buddhist temple. Buddhist called that type of donation is Sangha Dana. If you can’t do Sangha Dana you can help disadvantaged people or animal. Sangha Dana & Gatha Ngen Larn may make you rich of merit in part of spiritual dimension. When the energy of bad thing you do in the past life is weak, the enough of merit energy power will make a fortune. That is the rule of Gamma of Buddhist. Chant or pray any mantra, Meditate, Sangha Dana donation are called high merit energy making. Specially following The 5 Precepts of buddhism is important as they help Buddhists to avoid causing others to suffer (1.Refrain from taking life 2.Refrain from taking what is not given 3.Refrain from the misuse of the senses 4.Refrain from wrong speech 5.Refrain from intoxicants that cloud the mind)

Don’t forget :

  • Don’t intend to do harm someone when you wear Phra Kam Khao necklace. The dangerous can reflect you.
  • Don’t put Phra Kam Khao on the floor. Keep away from foot and put only on high thing or desk because Phra Kam Khao is the holy thing which connect to Buddha energy from high altitude so don’t put on the ground or low level thing. Buddhist believe that the ground or underground may link to the hell in spiritual dimension. Holy spirit or energy of holy thing always located on high.
  • If you not respect Phra Kam Khao. A sacred power of protection may flee from you. Please donate to temple or someone who respectful. The sacred protection power will be back to protect whom received. Don’t throw away because it’s not respectful. You may feel sad after that.
  • Phra Kam Khao has many characteristics. Be aware of artificial.
  • Don’t intend test a protection properties of Phra Kam Khao by dangerous thing or immoral. It’s not respectful. Phra Kam Khao has mind power and know what you think. The dangerous will reflect you. You may feel sad after that.
  • Following The 5 Precepts of buddhism when you wear Phra Kam Khao necklace.

How to get Phra Kam Khao

Last 30 years ago. Many followers of Luangpor-Rue-Si-Ling-Dam in Thailand was collected Phra Kam Khao. You can find them on social media.

In addition to discuss about Phra Kam Khao in our community, you can leave a message and We’ll get back to you. Community link :



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