Tourist attraction in Nakhonratchasima THAILAND [ update 2022 / 2023 ]

Travel to korat Nakhonratchasima
My Guide

1. Khao Yai National Park [ UNESCO World Heritage ]

Khao Yai Art Museum

2. Flora Park

2.1 Hokkaido Flower Park Khaoyai

2.2 Tokyo Farm Pakchong

3. Lamtakong Watershed

3.1 Lamtakong Research Station [ Biological Museum ]

3.2 Lamtakong Dam Viewpoint

3.3 Khao Yai Tieng Viewpoint

3.4 EGAT Museum [ The Energy Learning Center ]

3.5 Camping at the top of Khao Yai Tieng hill

4. Sandstone carving market.

One of the most famous stone carving village in Thailand.

5. Khao Chan Ngam

4,000 Years Prehistoric Paintings. Same period of The Great Pyramid of Giza Egypt.

6. Wihan Luang Phor Tor Sanctuary

7. Wat Ban Rai Temple

Wihan Thep Wittayakom mosaic tiles sanctuary. Build from 20 Million mosaic tiles.

8. Let’s find something to eat

8.1 Try this! Yum Mee Korat noodle at Namcha Waterside Mini Traditional Market

The Traditional Weekend Market (Saturday – Sunday) The best time to visit is around 7 am – 16 pm

8.2 Kamthaleso Friday Community Market

Only friday 3pm – 8pm

9. Khorat Fossil Museum & Dinosaur Excavation Site “Siamraptor”

Top 8 Woodstone Fossil Museum in the World.

10. Nakhonratchasima Observatory

Free observatory every saturday night

11. Nakhonratchasima Zoo [Korat Zoo]

[ Day & Night Zoo, Kid Water Park]

12. Modern Shopping Center

Save One” Night Market & Street Food. The biggest night market of Thailand.

The Mall Shopping Center & Water Park

Terminal 21 Shopping Center & Centre Point Hotel

Central Plaza & Centara Korat Hotel

13. Victory Monument of Thao Suranaree

The original downtown of Nakhonratchasima and The Ancient city gate with moat.

Drink a coffee on the 2nd floor of coffee shop opposite the monument and enjoy the view. Walk around and buy traditional souvenir. See original building and lifestyle of Korat people.

At launching time you can walk to Traditional Korat noodle street food nearby the monument. Pad Mee Korat noodle similar to Pad Thai. Pad Mee Korat more spicy and smell very good.

14. Phimai Historical Park

14.1 Prasat Hin Phimai

One of the important historical site around north east side of Thailand. Phimai stone castle similar to historic city of Ayutthaya.

14.2 Phimai National Museum

14.3 Sai-Ngam Mega Tree

Ancient 350 years Ficus tree with a big branch size 25,000 square feet.

Shopping traditional souvenir

15. Dan Kwian Pottery Village

Terracotta Market

16. Wat Tha Sung Temple [ Branch no.9 ]

Buddhist Nirvana diamond paradise simulation sanctuary

17. Jao-Sou food souvenir shop

18. Farm Chokchai & Steak House